Design and manufacture of machinery/equipment

Construction of new machinery

Alma Meccanica manufactures industrial machinery and mechanisms in strict compliance with the specific characteristics and requirements provided by the client. By constructing machinery ad hoc for our clients, we can meet all their needs, taking care of the entire construction process step by step alongside the client.

Starting with project design and 3D drawings, we create all the components in the production department, which are then assembled in the specific assembly department, up to testing and commissioning of the entire machine.
Alma Meccanica provides a complete service, where necessary, of the pneumatic and electrical system, with relevant CE marking (EC Declaration , user and instruction manual, wiring/pneumatic diagram, technical documentation).

Existing machinery modifications

Alma Meccanica also modifies its clients existing machines to modernise them and make them more efficient or to automate traditional systems, for example through insertion of a robot or a PLC.
This allows clients who trust in Alma Meccanica to gain for example a considerable reduction in the production time of their products and/or to restore and modernise their machinery park.
To maintain high production and yield within a company in today’s world, it is essential to have state-of-the-art machinery. Alma Meccanica can support you in the optimisation of production processes.

Support and maintenance

Our years of experience in the field has allowed us to learn all the know-how to resolve problems and repair various types of machinery, even if manufactured by third parties.
Our commitment towards the client does not end with machine construction, but continues over the years with a specific support and preventive maintenance service designed to reduce the possibility of faults to a minimum.

EC certification

The machinery directive – Ref. Annex V of Leg. Decree 81/2008 and as amended – disciplines the safety of machines/machinery according to European standards.
Alma Meccanica proposes a consultancy service starting with analysis of the existing machinery park in the company with the objective of verifying compliance with essential safety requirements and providing the necessary support to comply with legislative provisions.